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The "Today is the best day to start!" offer

A goal without a plan is just a wish!

Have you already had this experience? Some resolutions are so stubborn that they simply cannot be implemented with the habits already ingrained. I know this all too well. I, too, have to trick my inner badass again and again so that I can hold the reins and determine where my body, my health and my life are headed. I have learned a lot from this and have been successfully passing on my knowledge and experience to other people for years.

My extensive skills in training, nutrition and mental coaching, complemented with years of experience and empathy make even early morning or late evening training sessions a positive experience. The best motivation for a challenging workout!


Today is the best day to start!


And these are my qualifications

    personal trainer
    Health trainer
    Senior trainer
    Hynosis therapist
    Kinesis Personal Trainer
    Fitness trainer B-License
    Certified Power Plate Trainer
    color and style consultant

#funfact thanks to my irrational fear of sharks I can almost walk on water


Kost & Körper Ursula Klein

Köln Pesch
50767 Köln

Phone: +49 1637767016
Cell phone: WA +49 1635686213

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