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Belly, Legs & Butt - You can achieve a lot with professionally instructed training

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You finally want a taut belly, firm thighs and a crisp bottom!? Maybe you also suffer from a few excess pounds that are slowly letting the potential of your beautiful body disappear?

Then start now!

Belly Workout

A narrow waist is considered attractive and sexy and who doesn't dream of a well-trained body with a well defined six-pack, because once you have trained this, you express irresistible masculinity and everything runs much better.

These are the bare facts, which only become really visible from a certain body fat percentage and well trained musculature. But not only the attractiveness should stand with the belly training in the foreground, also the health aspect may not come too briefly here.

With targeted personal training at Kost & Körper and professional guidance from Ursula Klein, you will soon achieve your goal of a perfect body centre. The muscle mass you develop also increases your energy consumption, which in turn helps you to achieve a balanced energy balance.

With discipline and stamina you will soon reach your narrow waist or the desired six-pack and enjoy the result to the full.

Belly and back work closely together. Only a trained stomach can suitably support the back muscles and vice versa. If you already have back problems, you should definitely get coached during training to not only build up muscles, but also prevent injuries and irreparable damage.

Enjoy it, to be instructed by me in a 1 to 1 training and to be powern! Let me be your coach on the way to your success!


back workout

back workout

In Germany about one in three people suffers from back pain. Targeted back training helps to prevent this pain and to eliminate spinal problems. It is essential to discuss the nature and cause of the pain before training, because not every training fits every (medical) diagnosis.

If you sit a lot every day, you should definitely do a preventative workout for your back on a regular basis. In the effective PERSONAL TRAINING, the muscles that form the protective and supportive muscle corset are specifically strengthened.

Back and stomach work closely together. Only a well-trained stomach can support the back muscles and vice versa.

If you already have back problems, you should definitely get coached during training in order not only to build up muscles, but also to prevent injuries and irreparable damage.

But also a defined and well trained back with a pronounced and well visible musculature can be the goal of this training. Let Ursula Klein coach you as your PERSONAL TRAINER and enjoy a special back training which helps you to build up attractive muscles in the shortest possible time and to get and stay in good shape!



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