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Endurance training: building and maintaining good health

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Do you want to improve your body's ability to perform better over an extended period of time?

Then endurance training is just the thing for you!

Regular endurance training contributes enormously to building and maintaining resilient health. This includes strengthening the cardiovascular system - which is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of heart attack, an improvement in blood count and the strengthening of the immune system.

Exercised correctly, regular training keeps the body flexible and supple and additionally increases the energy consumption of your body. The more energy you consume during exercise, the more excess body fat you can reduce.

But not only that! Through endurance training you experience more joy of life and you can forget the stress of everyday life for this time. You will be rewarded with a strong charisma, tight tissue and beautiful skin!

If you feel like moving in the fresh air, but you lack the momentary drive or something else is constantly coming along, if you are often exhausted and lack the strength to motivate yourself, or if you notice that your fitness is decreasing or your weight is steadily increasing, then YOUR time has come to let yourself be professionally motivated and coached.

In the Kost & Körper Personal Training Studio you always train exclusively with me as your personal trainer. No further trainers and no other customers distract from your personal fitness training.
I motivate and support you to reach your personal goals in a reasonable time!


Walking is a healthy way to start moderate endurance training. If you suffer from severe overweight, joint problems or even heart disease, it is best to start your workout with long walking sessions.

In this way, fat burning can be stimulated, the joints can be gently brought up to the coming load and - controlled by a heart rate monitor - the body can be gently accustomed to new loads.

If noticeable success can be registered, a walking unit can be further extended by the use of dumbbells, tubes (elastic bands) or other equipment. Thus the training remains interesting and builds your strengths further and further.

Usually there is much more potential in a body than one had previously suspected!

By the way, if you take medication, bring it with you to the personal training at Kost & Körper. I would be happy to transport them during the coaching. I always carry handkerchiefs, glucose, mobile phones and drinks with me during personal training.


Experience the pleasure of a forest run, a run on the Rhine or on the lake! Experience PERSONAL TRAINING at Kost & Körper! Each training session is recorded and evaluated by GPS, if desired.

The training can be based on the individually calculated pulse limits or on time per distance (pace). Whether it's an increase in performance, running against depression or a pure relaxation run - there are many reasons for running.

During the first training sessions I analyse your running style and train you to learn an optimal running style that is easy on the joints.

Whether bright sunshine, rain or snowfall - every season has its own special charm!

I will be happy to train your endurance with you at sunrise or you can let the day end with a PERSONAL TRAINING at sunset - even on weekends.


Walk & Talk - Training an der frischen Luft

Enjoy the fresh air of the forest, the healthy air near a lake or the feeling of the wind in a large meadow for advice.

Since Corona, being indoors is often associated with the worry of contagion. That's why I offer a well-balanced outdoor program, where you hardly expose yourself to this danger.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a sport that is best for general health and fitness and is easy on the joints, heart and circulation. NW is ideal as an introduction to sport and exercise.

Also for people with cardiovascular disease, diseased joints or overweight, Nordic Walking is ideally suited.

Nordic Walking is also ideal for burning fat and improving posture.


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