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Training@home - train in private environment

Would you like to train at home and feel fitter and more comfortable in your own four walls? You don't necessarily need a treadmill or a home trainer to be able to do an intensive and effective training program at home! I'll show you how to turn objects and furniture into great fitness equipment.

If you have an equipped fitness area at home, you'll be all the better off. Let us use it to keep you fit, healthy and attractive.

Many people want to train outside in the fresh air. Would you also like to train outdoor?

Personal training outdoors is not necessarily endurance training. Parks and forest paths offer many possibilities to use it as an outdoor gym. Personal training is always individually tailored to the goals and wishes of the customer. This also includes the choice of the training location.

As a personal trainer, he has mobile training equipment that can be used anywhere and installed quickly. But also already existing objects like thick tree trunks, stones, stairs, ramps, etc. are quickly transformed into an effective training device with my experience. This also enables a powerful training in the sun and gives the body the opportunity to produce important vitamin D.

But not only strength and fitness training are possible outside. Also back training, belly leg bottom training, core training, body tightening up to specific training ... the range of possibilities for outdoor workouts and homefitness is large.

If we train outdoors, the natural light and the fresh air have a positive effect on the mood and the immune system in addition to the strenuous training session.


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