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Terms and Conditions

Appointments / Cancellation fees

Individual appointments shall only take place upon specific agreement; the agreed appointments shall be binding. If a customer cancels an appointment within the last 24 hours before the agreed time, causes a change or does not appear at the appointment, the appointment expires completely. The agreed fee shall nevertheless become due as a cancellation fee. This also applies if a customer has not trained the purchased hours within the agreed period (e.g. the subscription within 6 months). Appointment changes and cancellations must be made by telephone (including mobile mailbox). E-mails, SMS, faxes, answering machines, landlines, etc. do not apply.

Outside Dates / Bad Weather

An external appointment agreed with the customer can only be cancelled by your trainer Ursula Klein due to bad weather. As soon as there is no cancellation, the appointment will take place at the agreed location at the agreed time.

Sports suitability / Liability

The customer affirms that, if necessary, a medical examination for fitness for sport has taken place. Symptoms such as pain, dizziness, malaise, etc. must be reported to the Personal Trainer immediately. The Personal Trainer's recommendation to consult a doctor must be followed. All questions of the anamnesis regarding the previous state of health and living conditions must be answered truthfully and completely. Any changes must be reported immediately to your trainer Ursula Klein. All information will be treated confidentially.

If a customer has to cancel the 10 card or the subscription prematurely due to health problems, the amount not yet deducted can only be refunded after consultation and mutual agreement if the individual hour price is charged for the hours already deducted. A partial refund to 10er cards or subscription conditions and discounts, there is in no case!


The fee will be invoiced according to the current price list. Individually designed training units (e.g. subscription) are subject to special rates and are to be used until a certain period of time, otherwise these expire (e.g. the hours booked in the subscription). The anamnesis and trial training appointment before each first training session contains 90 -120 minutes and is paid with 180 Euro gross, by invoice and bank transfer. If a voucher or discount offer should be converted, then this must be present before beginning of the date in the original. Otherwise, an anamnesis/probation training unit or training unit will be charged according to the current price list. Health checks, training evaluations and training plans for subsequent periods are not included in the fee and will be invoiced separately according to expenditure. This also applies to services such as K-Tapen, passive stretching etc..

Invoices are payable within 7 days after receipt and will be sent at the beginning of a training contract (10 card, subscription). In the case of subscriptions, an invoice will be sent for the entire period, which must then be paid monthly, for 6 consecutive months, always at the beginning of the month. Payment is also possible in advance in the form of a cash payment against receipt and payment by Visa or EC card.

If a customer is in arrears, default costs will be charged plus a fee of 10 euros. If obligatory payments are not made permanently, they will be handed over to a receivables management after the last reminder. As long as an invoice has not been paid, there is no entitlement to further support. If the outstanding amounts are not paid after a dispute has been settled, the previously trained contingent shall be settled on the basis of individual hours and the amount already paid shall be offset against it. Special programmes which include special prices will be invoiced in advance.

Please transfer to the following account:

Kost & Körper

Postbank Frankfurt am Main


IBAN DE82 5001 0060 0409 7656 02

The customer undertakes to sign off the personal trainer with his signature as proof of performance after each support session. However, the signature is not mandatory for the validity of the training unit.


Participation in the training sessions is at your own risk. Liability by the personal trainer shall only be considered in cases of gross negligence or intent. Insurance against accidents directly from and to the training unit is the responsibility of the customer and includes release from liability for the personal trainer. Liability for damage to property is excluded. Amendments, supplements or subsidiary agreements must be made in writing to be effective, unless otherwise stipulated in these General Terms and Conditions.

The customer and trainer undertake to be loyal to each other and will not express themselves negatively about the person or services of the other or impair his or her reputation and prestige. Ursula Klein will treat your data strictly confidential and will not pass it on to third parties. The recommendation of cooperation partners is explicitly non-binding. This excludes liability for any damage caused by Kost & Körper Ursula Klein's cooperation partners. Should an individual provision in these GTC be legally invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In the event of invalidity, the parties shall recognise the valid provision which comes closest in content to the intention of the invalid provision.


If a subscription can no longer be used (e.g. due to illness or accident), the service can be purchased at a later point in time, up to a maximum of three months after the start of the subscription, or transferred to another person with the consent of Ursula Klein Kost & Körper. No subscriptions will be refunded or the claim for full payment of the subscription booked will be taken back.
Written documents may only be passed on to third parties with express written consent.


General Terms and Conditions - 2018

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