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Workplace Health Promotion

Workplace Health Promotion

"Caring for each other, holistic and ecological thinking are core elements in the development of strategies for health promotion". (WHO, 1986)

As a specialist for operational health management and from my daily experience as a nutrition consultant, I offer companies the opportunity to use this wealth of experience and knowledge for themselves and their employees and to book me for clearly defined lectures.

"The Luxembourg Declaration states that "Workplace health promotion includes both behavioural and relational measures. It combines the approach of risk reduction with that of expanding protective factors and health potentials.

The success of my occupational health management lies in the continuous further development of the measures, the sustainable use of resources and regular performance monitoring.

Professional occupational health management is structured according to needs and is based on current standards. Analysis, planning, organisation and implementation of interventions should be systematically introduced according to the operational routine.

If you are interested in a permanent and sustainable measure to maintain productivity and competitiveness, we would be pleased to prepare an individual offer for you!

Individual consultations

Following lectures, in combination with the booking of a company health management but also solitary, individual consultations can be booked for employees with a certain health risk.

As a FOOD ADVISER I offer companies to use my wealth of experience and knowledge for individual employees and to book me for INDIVIDUAL ADVISTMENTS.

Here I speak in discreet individual discussions about the health past, the current status and the health future of the individual employees.

The success lies in the fact that the origin of overweight and other clinical pictures can often be analysed and treated in these discussions. This usually leads to a direct change in eating and exercise behaviour, which leads to an increase in quality of life. A healthy and satisfied person definitely has the potential to be an efficient employee.

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Take advantage of your tax advantage!

Health management and your tax advantage

With the Annual Tax Act 2009 - which came into force on 1 January 2009 - the Federal Government is strengthening workplace health promotion. By supplementing Section 3 No. 34 of the Income Tax Act (EStG), additional expenses incurred by the employer to improve the general state of health and occupational health promotion are exempt from taxes and social security contributions, provided they do not exceed EUR 500 per employee per calendar year. This does not include contributions to sports clubs and fitness studios.

Tax-exempt are measures for:

    Healthy company communal catering
    Prevention of psychosocial stress (stress management, healthy leadership, burnout, etc.)
    Reduction of addictive drug consumption (smoking cessation etc.)
    Prevention and reduction of work-related physical strain on the musculoskeletal system

The reduction of work-related health stress, the trust in company health measures and the sustainable implementation of these, inevitably lead to a health effect from which you and your employees will benefit in the future.

Promote health - take advantage of tax benefits!

Your tax advantage


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