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Nutrition Counseling with Ursula Klein

The state of health of your body depends to a large extent on your diet.

Vitamins, trace elements, nutrients, but also proteins, carbohydrates and fats provide your body, in the right dose, with vital and health-preserving substances.

Due to many contradictory statements of the different media there is great uncertainty, which makes it impossible for many people e.g. to lose weight permanently or to eat in such a way that diseases become rarer and the blood results improve permanently.

The right diet is the basic prerequisite for achieving the desired goals.

In a nutrition consultation at Kost & Körper, your questions about nutrition will be answered in your individual consultation, your current eating habits analysed and an energy requirement assessment carried out - even if your questions also refer to your partner or even the whole family.

A detailed anamnesis and a body fat measurement will take place at the beginning of each nutrition consultation.

Also a refrigerator and pantry check and support or consultation with the purchase can be booked with food & body nourishing consultation.

I will be happy to accompany you permanently and advise you - not only if you want to reduce your weight, but also if you are planning the menu selection for festivities.

You no longer have to bother with questions about nutrition. Make an appointment with me and discuss your questions with me in a pleasant atmosphere during your nutrition coaching.

Everyone is the blacksmith of his body!

Your nutritionist - Ursula Klein

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