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Specific Training - Balancing Dysbalances with Specific Training

specific training

People who are often exposed to the same sequence of movements have on the one hand excellent strengths, but on the other hand they gain strong weaknesses over time.

The racing cyclist, for example, often has a shortened hip flexor in addition to his performance on the racing bike, as well as pain in the lower back due to the bent over body. This is also true for people who spend a lot of time in the car at work. Tennis players and golfers put a significantly different strain on one half of the body than the other due to the motion sequence of the respective sport.

In all these cases, imbalances arise which have to be compensated by specific training.


Sports specific training

Sport specific training means training which helps to improve in a sport or to balance the muscular imbalances acquired by the sport.

Through sport specific training not only the golf swing can be improved, more serve power can be developed or the condition can be strengthened, but also the musculature of the passive stroke side can be adapted to that of the active side.

Every sport needs its own exercises to improve. With PERSONAL TRAINING at Kost & Körper you can build up basics such as strength, endurance and speed effectively and health-oriented!
For this I also use training methods from professional sports, which benefit your fitness and your sport.

Experience has shown that there is always a lot more potential in people than you could have imagined.

Use my offer and profit from my experience! Train with Ursula Klein Kost & Körper.

Job-specific training

Every profession has its own movement sequences. Anyone who spends a lot of time at his desk or who is often bent over the sleeping patient as a surgeon in the operating theatre, who is frequently under stress or spends a lot of time in the car, will adopt a posture that corresponds to his profession and is permanently detrimental to his body, back and ultimately also his posture and charisma.

People like these need a sport in their free time or during breaks from work to compensate for these stresses.

PERSONAL TRAINING at Kost & Körper is there to support and motivate you and offers you the opportunity during your breaks, after work or on weekends to compensate for the one-sided physical strain and the resulting imbalances through sport, or ensures that these do not arise in the first place.

Persons who embody attractiveness in their profession, have to keep their weight constant or pose with a muscular body can only win with a job-specific PERSONAL TRAINING at Kost & Körper.

Your body feeling, your health and your motivation will experience an upswing that will do you incomparably good.

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