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Assisted stretching reduces the risk of injury

Important: Stretching after training

Stretching is an important part of my offer. Anyone who does not stretch regularly after physical exertion will be limited in their mobility for the time being. Stretching counteracts this process. In this way we maintain our mobility or even extend the radius of movement of the joints. Stretching after the training is recommended, because the stretching "squeezes" various deposits from the muscles and the body is supported after the training to transport the burdening substances from the muscles. Studies have shown that stretching can reduce the risk of injury, has a positive effect on the recovery of muscles shortened by strain and fatigue and also has a positive effect on the psyche.

Assisted stretching is a pleasant way to end a training session in a relaxing way. After the training you lie down on a mat and relax completely. You behave very passively while being stretched by your personal trainer. Book assisted stretching after the workout and you will be exhausted but completely tense to finish the coaching.

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