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Company fitness and success-oriented companies

The prerequisite for professional and private success is physical and mental fitness as well as personal well-being and balance. The more people in a team feel this way, the better the group functions and harmonises, which in turn leads to creativity, motivation and success.

For every success-oriented company, healthy, motivated and efficient employees mean an enormous competitive advantage over other companies! Companies can greatly reduce the number of sick days through regularly trained employees and enormously improve their willingness and ability to perform. In this way a more positive working atmosphere is permanently created and the sickness-related costs can be reduced by up to 30%!

PERSONAL TRAINING by Kost & Körper offers you various indoor and outdoor training programmes. I would be happy to come to your company as well as to where you and your employees feel at home - in the great outdoors, in the Kost & Körper studio or in the office.

Thus the training is not only fun, but also varied.

I offer you a certain flexibility in terms of time, schedule and location, which makes it easier for you to integrate your personal fitness training into your everyday life.

Lectures on health topics and the support of your company in the health care of your staff are of course also part of my repertoire.
I am happy to support you in introducing, establishing and sustaining health-promoting training in your company. As a coach I accompany your employees on their way to a healthier lifestyle and more efficiency.

The training plans specially tailored to each employee improve the mobility, coordination, condition and strength of each individual. However, my task in company fitness does not only include training programs, but also the constant motivation is of course my responsibility. After all, you not only book a trainer, but also the desire for success for your employees.

Use a free information talk with me as an introduction to workplace health promotion!

"Only in a healthy body is a healthy spirit!


The Düsseldorf State Criminal Police Office wrote:

"We experienced the variety of the offer spectrum as well as your authority in the range technology, methodology and motivation... In the past, Ursula Klein Kost & Körper's presentation of the methodology, the initial and performance diagnostics, the scope and depth of the applied training theory as well as the aspects of nutritional counselling".

"We will therefore welcome it if the NRW State Criminal Police Office continues to take Ursula Klein and her company's offers into account.

Translated with

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