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Sporty and ambitious: K & K Boot Camp

You are ambitious in sports, motivated by my range of services and inspired to train, but for private or professional reasons do not want to train in public or together with others? Then a training studio in your private residence or a fitness room in your company is exactly the right thing for you! But just as you can make serious mistakes during training without PERSONAL TRAINER, many details have to be taken into consideration when setting up a training room to ensure that the subsequent training is effective and pleasant.

The best guide to setting up a training room is experience. Those who train regularly know what is necessary, what is possible and what luxury makes training an exclusive experience. A training room in a private environment or in your office can be designed puristically effective, developed into a wellness oasis, cool and sober or playfully and romantically furnished. Kost & Körper PERSONAL TRAINING takes care of the conception, obtaining offers and implementing the selected concept.

Training at any time, without limit...!

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