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Köln Pesch
50767 · Köln
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Kost & Körper - Personal Training: Performance Overview

Here you will find an overview of services provided by Ursula Klein, personal trainer and nutritionist in Cologne.


Personal Training

body lifting
muscle building
endurance training
abdominal training
back training
stomach, legs & bottom
Nordic walking
CORE Training
Manual Resistance
Proprioceptive Training
Sport specific training
Job-specific training
Power Plate Training@home
Kinesis Training@home
Kids Fitness
Company Fitness


Nutrition Consultation

weight reduction
Refrigerator check
Storage cabinet check
shopping assistance
grease measurement
BMI determination
health promotion







  health management


  Workplace health promotion

  individual consultations



  K&K Boot Camp
  Assisted Stretching
  Your Own Gym



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Kost & Körper Ursula Klein

Köln Pesch
50767 Köln

Phone: +49 1637767016
Cell phone: WA +49 1635686213

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